Impact Anthology

26824445 - conflict, close up of two fists hitting each other over dramatic sky

The theme is “Impact.” Take that however you will – an asteroid impacting the earth; the environmental impact of climate change; two paranormal entities crashing into one another in combat; the impact an action by an individual can have as it ripples through society. Heck, even an impacted wisdom tooth can work, as long as you sell it. It’s up to you.

Try for something unique – take the road less traveled. We guarantee we’ll get fifty stories this year about meteor impacts, so if you choose to write one, it had better be unique – and damned good.

Out of 182 submissions, 110 were chosen. I’m completely thrilled to announce that my story Love and Sacrifice has been selected to appear in this flash fiction anthology!

I’ll update this post with information regarding the release date and how you can get a copy when it’s available. Until then, the full ToC is available here.

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